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Viswanathan (aka Viz)
Founder and Director


I started my career handling bolts and nuts of booking keeping in my internship days and from there moved into working at ground zero inside a Fortune 500's finance department. The next step in my career made me look at companies with a bird's eye view as an equity analyst and finally solving the problems of a company as an advisor. These experiences ensured that I got a holistic understanding of finance.

But when I was a project manager, I realised that many industry professionals blindly follow what others do without ever questioning the merits or understanding the foundation principle, resulting in inefficient practices being perpetuated as standard practices.

I wanted to help such industry practitioners improve their quality of work and efficiency by training them on better practices rooted in strong academic principles. For this, our training programs had to set new standards -- not merely replicate standard industry practice.

So, I began collaborating with academicians and accomplished industry professionals to create a curriculum that is way ahead of the industry.

And today, I am proud to claim that we have developed a training curriculum that can make you a complete finance professional with strong understanding of accounting, software, mathematics, business, strategy, analytics, and also great report writing and story telling capabilities.  

Want to be a complete finance professional?

We have you covered

What does the industry expect from finance professionals?

  • Strong knowledge of accounting and finance

  • Problem-solving skills

  • Financial modeling skills

  • Knowledge of technical tools such as MS Excel and Power BI

  • Data analytics skills

  • Ability to convey insights through reports and presentations

And we have courses that cover every one of these aspects.

We prefer quality over quantity

Over the last several years, in terms of quantity, we deliberately grew at a snail's pace because we did not want to lose quality in the pursuit of scale.

We add topics to our curriculum only after ensuring that the curriculum is relevant and that we can make a difference in the life of our trainees.

Similarly, every trainer who teaches at Profectus is carefully picked after making sure that the person can deliver the curriculum completely in line with our objective.

Quality over quantity.png

Why Us?

Our training programs are way above par across the globe.


And that is because we do not just teach but we are actively engaged in the industry through our consulting division and are actively involved in research through academic collaborations.

That is what makes our academy attract seasoned professionals who want to learn one of the most the cutting edge curriculum

Our promises

We will never cancel or postpone a course for commercial reasons; even if we have only one participant, the batch will run

You will become a better professional; you may not grasp everything we teach, but you will definitely become significantly better at what you do

We will not missell to you; if we think a training program would not be suitable to you we will not recommend that to you

We care for your success; we will guide you as much as we can to see you succeed in your career

Running Track

Our track record

  • Over 3,000 hours of training program

  • 10 batches of Financial Modelling PRO - the most comprehensive training program on financial modeling across the globe

  • We have attracted participants from across the globe

  • Our past clients include LIC Nomura, Morning Star, The Smart Cube, and many more


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