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Analytics for Business Professionals

for those who want to go beyond dashboarding

If your idea is to tranisition into a career in analytics or add it as an additional competence to your current role, this program has you covered.

This program is beyond dashboarding. In this program, you will learn the four most commonly used tools for analytics: (i) MS Excel (ii) PowerBI (iii) Tableau, and (iv) SQL.


Whether you are in finance, marketing, production or HR, our wide variety of practical case studies will help you directly relate this to your work and help you improve your productivity and your capability to handle data. This program does not just cover formulas and functionalities but our proprietary module teaches several algorithms to excel at your work.

Further, our proprietary reverse flow charting technique will help you solve complex problems all by yourself.


With over 60 practical case studies including three full fledged analytical case studies all inspired from real life corporate situations, we are sure that you would be able to immediately make a difference in your work.


The program is up to date and covers all the latest functions and functionalities including dynamic arrays and Lambda.

The program runs for over 66 hours including two days of contact programs in select cities.


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