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Financial Modelling PRO

The most comprehensive training program on financial modelling

Weekend batches | 102 hours | Blended Training

Our flagship Financial Modeling PRO program is one of the most comprehensive and up-to-date training programs that is filled with practical real-life case studies and at the same time engages in a thorough academic understanding of the discipline.

This is one of its kind of programs that treats financial modeling as an interdisciplinary subject. You would be working on close to 100 case studies including six full-fledged case studies across various industries. You will also learn to build models using various approaches including a bird's eye view model that works with limited data set to ground zero models that involve crunching large volumes of complex data sets.

In this program, you would learn a wide range of mathematical techniques, and MS Excel functions and algorithms that would help you come up with elegant solutions to even extremely complex problems.

And you would also learn to apply this in various contexts including the following:

- Three statement modeling

- DCF Valuation and relative valuation

- Mergers and acquisitions (Strategic M&A)

- Leveraged buyout (Financial acquisition)

- Project finance

- Corporate budgeting and analysis (Financial planning and analysis)

- Derivatives pricing (using Black Sholes model, and Monte Carlo simulation using Geometric Brownian motion)


The total course duration includes the following:

- 32 hours of self-paced training

- 64 hours of classroom training

16 hours of personal contact program (in select cities)

The classroom sessions will be conducted online. Personal contact programs would be conducted only in select cities.

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